How to Hire a Bathroom Remodel Contractor

While it is easy to do some home improvements yourself, others like extensive bathroom remodeling should be left for professionals due to the expertise needed. Most homeowners who try bathroom remodeling themselves end up with half-finished bathroom due to the lack of proper tools and skills. Besides having the right equipment to help finish the remodeling job quickly and efficiently, they also have the know-how of dealing with issues that may arise during the job. If the remodeling job is done wrongly, it will be costly to fix it. You need to get a reliable contractor for the job to be done right the first time. Here are tips to help you when choosing a remodeling contractor.

Ask for referrals

Ask your friend, neighbor, family member or coworker who has recently had a remodeling job and got satisfied. Get the contact of the contractor who did the job. You can also the company to provide you with a list of previous clients they have worked with whom you can contact and inquire about the company. Referrals are one of the best ways to help track a reputable remodeling contractor. Avoid hiring a new company you know nothing about in the market.


Ensure the company you want to hire is licensed and verify that the licensing is up to date. This will give you a guarantee that the company in question is legitimate and qualified professionally. Don’t hire a company that is not licensed since it is likely to deliver substandard results.  

Insurance and bonding

Ask the remodeling company for an insurance proof. You should also verify the validity of the insurance cover. A reputable company will have no problem sharing with you this information. This will help you avoid liability should anything happen to the company workers or your household during the remodeling job. Moreover, it will also cover for any damages that could arise during remodeling.

Have a budget and payment guidelines

You should expect to pay a deposit of 10 percent or more of the total cost of the project. Don’t accept to pay more than 30 percent of the deposit for the job. You should also add about 15 percent of your remodeling budget to the budget to help sort the frequently found problems that could not be noticed upfront. Avoid making cash deposits.

Have a printed contract

Ensure you read the fine details of the contract without making any assumptions. Ensure all the necessary details are included in it. Understand how change orders will be handled as stipulated in the contract. Always be cautious when signing the contract.