How to Choose the Right Paint for Your Surface












While it is true that almost every surface can be painted, should you paint everything with the same home and window paint? Or the same brush? The answer is no, absolutely not. While you should feel free to paint any type of surface you feel like updating, doing it the right way is going to yield better and lasting results.




The key to beautiful painted metal surfaces is all in the prep work. Before you begin painting, strip the surface with a wire brush to remove flaking and rust. Use a damp cloth to wipe away the dust and create a spotless surface. Sand down the surface with 220-grit sandpaper until its smooth. Rinse with water before applying an exterior-grade primer and paint that is formulated for metal.




Sand down with a fine sandpaper until you have a smooth surface. If your surface has already been painted, make sure to use a non-residue cleaner. Remove paint and fill in dings with wood putty and sand again. Use a paint brush over a foam brush to apply stain-blocking primer, following with a oil-based or latex paint. Sand between coats to ensure a smooth finish.



Fiberglass Exterior Doors


In order to do a really good job, you’ll have to do some heavy lifting. Remove the door and all of its hardware. Lightly sand with sandpaper. Remove dust with an acetone soaked rag. Let the door dry completely before washing with a mild detergent. Let the door dry completely again. Use a acrylic latex primer to prime the surface. After it dries, apply a coat of latex exterior-grade paint with smooth strokes of a brush. Lightly sand the surface before applying a second coat.


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