Light Fixture Trends

Light FixtureIf your perception of light trends is that lighting design tends to be short-lived or not worth looking into, you should leave room for reconsiderations. The fact is that light trends not only serve as an indicator of where the light industry is headed but also reflects the latest creative technological advancements in the design world.
As we move through 2017, here are some of the lighting trends you’ll want to pay close attention to in order to ensure that your design choices reflect the best of what’s available in the lighting market right now.
Wall Plate
If wall plates currently stand as an afterthought in your interior lighting plans, we strongly encourage you to re-evaluate. The right wall plate has the power the dramatically Bolden your design narrative, or subtly uplift any room. The trend leans toward modern or contemporary, minimal designs that add just a touch of sophistication.
Falling Back to Modern
If you’ve spent any time flipping through pages of recent home décor magazines, or even dined at a contemporary restaurant of late, then you are well aware that Mid-century Modern design is coming back to stay. This in-demand lighting style pairs smooth clean lines with appealing minimalistic shapes. One of the most sought after qualities of these historically inspired recreations is that the fixtures tend to hold timeliness, iconic quality that never seems to go out of trend
Steam Industrial
Commercial and industrial trends have long since strived to gain its place in interior lighting, gaining, even more, steam during 2017. Industrial type light fixtures are often designed to focus light downward and other directions. The best part? Industrial lights are available in a variety of modern and traditional styles and a variety of finishes.
Energy-Saving LED
If LED is your lighting aesthetic of choice, you’ll love the trend of this leading edge, energy-efficient technology. LED’s subtle design and clean, sharp patterns are a key indicator of where the future of lighting design lies.