Upgrading YourUnused Garage


unused garage space







If you own a garage that doesn’t get much use, consider a transformation! Upgrading your detached garage can be a fun and unique way to add some enjoyable living quarters to your home. This is typically easy and doesn’t cost too much of a home investment.


Entertaining Pavilion


If your garage is detached, this might be the perfect opportunity for you to transform it into apavilion geared for entertainment. Implementing doors that swing out are an easy way to transform this once dreary structure into the classic look of a carriage house. Large tables in the center of the space can offer plenty of room for family and guest entertainment.

Storage Space

If you’ve been longing for an extra room to organize your belongings, your unused garage is the perfect place to start. Everything from the floors the ceiling offers a unique unused space to store.

Home Business

Do you already own your own business? Are you thinking about starting one? Consider transforming your garage into a home office or business. You can even add on extensions if you need the extra storage space. If you have clients visiting you in your home, consider the installation of an exterior door so they don’t have to trek through your house.

Home Gym

Save money on the gym membership by constructing your own exercise room! Set up a weight-lighting station, stationary bike, treadmill, or a yoga mat in your garage. Just don’t forget to wall-mount a TV!


Do you have a budding rock star or Mozart in your family? Consider soundproofing the walls, doors, and ceiling, transforming your garage into the perfect music studio. Just remember to add seats for family performances!


A garage is an easy way to add onto your home’s living space. Create a detached apartment for guests or a senior that might be living with you. You can even consider renting it out for an extra income!


If you’re not using your garage to park cars, you can transform your unused space into an additional asset and usable asset. If you renovate it into a really cool livable space or home addition, if may even attract the interest of homebuyers when you are ready to sell.